We Offer a Reliable Marula Oil

Marula Oil is the best use for the nail, hair growth. Also, this oil is best suited for skin.

We at Gramme Products deliver you the ultimate quality of essential oil, and we are well known for the best Marula oil manufacturers and suppliers in India. Also, this oil is used as a natural remedy for centuries to treat a wide range of health conditions. And, Marula oil is also considered as the ultimate antioxidant, anti-aging, moisturizing, as well as emollient properties.
Moreover, if you want crystal clear and smooth skin, you should buy Marula oil. This oil is useful to fight the anti-aging signs and as a result, you will get wrinkle-free skin. Also, if you have any mark or stretch on the skin this oil reduces its visibility and moisturizes your skin.

Marula Oil, Gramme Products
Marula Oil, Gramme Products

Top Uses And Benefits: Marula Oil

Marula oil is mainly derived from the tree Sclerocarya birrea, which is also considered as the Marula tree. This oil includes natural ingredients that are broadly used as cosmetics as well as for consumption. Marula oil is good for consumption as well as perfect for skin. Also, you can use this oil as a conditioner for the fastest growth of hairs.

Marula Oil, Gramme Products

Product Applications

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  • Used as Hair conditioner
  • Marula oil on face, an effective moisturizer for dry or aging skin.
  • Marula oil for hair, hydrating, moisturizing, and occlusive (preventing water loss) properties, making it beneficial for dry, frizzy, or brittle hair.
  • Marula oil for nails, effective at keeping nail beds and cuticles supple and helpful for the incidence of hangnails, and painful, cracked skin around nails.

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Marula Oil, Gramme Products

Leading Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Marula Oil

For the lightweight and rich antioxidant oil, Gramme Products are well known for the best Marula Oil exporters in the market. We deliver you 100% pure natural oil which provides you with numerous benefits. With the usage of this oil, you can get silky hair, smooth skin, and healthy nails. All these benefits include one oil. To match your pocket, we deliver essential oil with high quality.

High Quality Of Marula Oil

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Additional Information

Parameter Analysis Specification
Appearance  Liquid




Colour Clear Clear
Odour Characteristic Characteristic
Specific gravity As specify 0.910-0.930
Acid value Less than 1 Less than 1
Refractive index As specify 1.460-1.470
Solubility Insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol and organic solvent Insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol and organic solvent
Flash point 100 degree C 100 degree C
Main constituents Linoleic acid,oleic,stearic,palmitic Linoleic acid,Oleic,stearic,Palmitic
Suspended matter Nil Nil


Product Specifications

  • Strong nutty smell
  • Orange or pale yellow color
  • 100% pure


  • Exp date : 3yrs from date of mfg
  • Botanical Name : Sclerocarya Birrea
  • Storage : keep well closed, cool & protected from direct sun light