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Carvacrol is the thing that must-have in your home; it has numerous health benefits along with quality to mix in the cosmetics.

Gramme Products is the organization, which is at the top in the list of best Carvacrol manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Also, this product is used as an effective antimicrobial & antiseptic medicine.

To get rid of the health diseases as well as get smooth and silky hairs, you must require these products. This is the category of essential oil, which is most demanded in the market due to its best results, and the most important thing about this product it hasn’t any harmful effect.

Carvacrol, Gramme Products
Carvacrol, Gramme Products

Some Important Tips To Know About Carvacrol

Carvacrol is excreted from oregano oil and occurred in India. These are obtained only from the pure natural essential oils. Moreover, these have a strong pungent odor found in oregano. These are beneficial for health and also used to control the sugar level. Apart from this, this is also used in cosmetic products to moisturize skin.

Carvacrol, Gramme Products

Product Applications

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  • It is used in aromatherapy as well.
  • Because of antimicrobial properties, carvacrol is used in commercial products like natural disinfectants.
  • Its organic nature helps in the production of facial cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, fragrances and all. Just 0.5% of it is used in making these products.
  • Useful in the food industry as a food preservative as it kills the germs quickly. It kills harmful bacteria in the vapor form and enhances the shelf life of foods. Its aroma and good taste perfectly serve the purpose of food industries.

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Carvacrol, Gramme Products

Leading Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Carvacrol

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So, we deliver the ultimate quality, as per the customer’s requirements and satisfaction. Therefore, due to the high quality, we are considered to the entire Indian for the delivery of the best essential oils.

High Quality Of Carvacrol

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Product Specifications

  • Highly effective
  • High medicinal value
  • Precisely processed
  • It’s a colorless or yellowish thick liquid
  • Easy to get dissolved in ethanol, ether, and water.
  • Comprises chemical compound which is generally present in oregano, savory, marjoram, thyme alike essential oils.
  • Its therapeutic properties comprise of anti-fungal, antibacterial, analgesic, antioxidant etc.

Additional Information

Appearance Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid
Refractive Index (n20/D)  1.522 ~ 1.524
Relative Density (25/25oC) 0.970 ~ 0.980
Solubility 0.1g/10ml.acetone,clear, Clear
Purity (GC) 99.5% min