Cypriol Oil

We are the noted cypriol oil exporter in India. Our product is free from impurities and has numerous applications. The steam-distilled Cypriol Oil that we make available is reckoned the best oil of such type available to the market. Its purity, clarity, odor, color, and composition are all inspected by our team of quality controllers in an impeccable manner prior to sale. Its uses are enormous, which could be availed by various industries such as tobacco, cosmetics, etc. We are emerging as the promising Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Cypriol Oil. 


Specifications :

  • Botanical name : Cyperus scariosus (Cyperaceae)
  • Common name : Nagarmotha
  • Plant part: Rhizomes
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Extraction method : Steam distilled
  • Odour : Spicy, earthy, wood - like aroma.

About Cypriol

  • Cyperus is a large genus of sedges, the most famous of which is Cyperus papyrus, used in ancient Egypt for making paper. Another sedge, Cyperus scariosus, is known in India as Nagar Mustaka or Nagarmotha. The aromatic roots of this "marsh grass" have been used in the same way as vetiver roots for the scenting of saris and other women's clothing. By steam distillation of the roots, the so-called cypriol or cyperus oil is obtained, having interesting perfumery properties. It has an Oriental character - a diffusive, woody-earthy odour with notes OF Cinnamon,cedar,frankincemse.
  • Cypriol nagarmotha essential oil is employed in fragrances or bases of the woodsy, eastern type for a foresty note. Due to its minimum cost, it is also used as a fixative. In aromatherapy cypriol essential oil allows decongestive properties and is used to treat diarrhoea or problematical digestion


  • Cinlole, Cyprene, Pinenes
  • The main constituents are sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpene alcohols and sesquiterpene ketones.

Uses : Cyperus Oil is being widely used in pan masala and tobacco products. Oil of nagarmotha is extracted by steam distillation of roots of plant that is utilized in the manufacturing of perfumery compounds, soaps, cosmetics and incense sticks {agarbatti}.


Ingredient LIMONENE
Raw Material SEED
Place of Origin INDIA